Bored Piles

What is a bored pile?

Actually, the Bored Piles is an equipment which gets involved in the method of boring a circular hole deeper inside the ground while installing the steel reinforcement as well as filling the bore hole along with the concretes in order to form a pile. Therefore, the process of the boring is carried forwards because to design the depth by a means of either a crane mounted or a track mounted hydraulic drilling rigs. In addition to this, the Bored Piles is another form of the reinforced concrete pile, which gets consumed to help and support the high building producing or carrying the heavy vertical loads.

What's more? The Bored Piles is a cast-in-place concrete pile where it becomes mandatory for the Bored Piles to be a cast on the construction site. Whereas, on the other hand where the other concrete piles such as Spun Pile and Reinforced Concrete Square Pile are pre cast concrete piles. So, the Bored Piles are also known as Drilled shafts which are cast by making use of the Bored Piles machine which consists of the specially designed features like drilling tools, buckets and grabs which are used to remove the soil and rock. Additionally, it can be easily used for drilling into 50 meters depth of soil. On the other hand, the key advantage of the Bored Piles system is that it never delivers a lot of vibration and the level of its noise is also reduced in compliance with the other traditional piling systems.

Bored Piles Applications:

Usually Bored Piles are used for the taller buildings or massive industrial complexes which mainly need the foundations which can easily bear a load of thousands of tons, most possibly in an unstable as well as difficult soil conditions. The technique of drilling the Bored Piles is varied from RC Square pile or spun pile. This is because it is done by using a driving method along with a help of the piling machine. The process of the Bored Piles requires the specialist bored piling contractor in spite of having a general piling contractor.