Land Surveying Services


Land Surveying is another crucial task that is done along with soil testing before the start of a construction project. It is done to determine and know the terrestrial or three-dimensional positions of various points on land, their distance and angle between them. The data is later used by the construction engineers to create boundaries and land maps and later for construction of vertical projects involving residential or commercial buildings. The proper land survey has a crucial role in the smooth construction of projects without any crop up of legal or boundary issues.

The Land Surveying measures all the man-made and natural land marks on the land selected for the survey. These days the advancement in technology, the traditional Land Surveying has given rise of several surveys that are used to successfully measure the above and beneath features of the Land Surveying.

Topographic surveys, location surveys, building surveys, boundary surveys, and construction surveys are the services which are provided under the land survey by the professionals to residential and commercial projects. The topographic survey helps to find the presence of trees, fences, land contours, elevations, stream, water bodies and other natural and man-made marks on the particular piece of land. The latest techniques and instruments are used in the Land Surveying by our experienced professional to give the highly accurate report and digital maps to the clients. Our services in the Land Surveying are taken for large and small projects in construction, electrical, road highway, and architectural industry.

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